Hidden Lock Cabinet

Hidden Lock Cabinet

This hidden lock cabinet will keep all our desired treasures and toys locked away. This eye catching and functional piece of art is perfect for any house or as a gift for any occasion.

The front of the box is constructed of beautiful poplar wood.

The box itself is constructed of pine wood and backed with 1/4" thick veneer.

The box is equipped with a high quality RFID lock that includes three key fob keys, and three card keys preprogrammed to your lock. The lock will come with a plug in chord and four AAA batteries.

The box is equipped with a gas strut allowing a sleek and convenient opening process set at 110 degrees.

The box is fit with high quality polyethelene foam measuring 2" thick.

Your purchase will include a fine tip washable marker and break off blade box cutter to allow you cut out the polyethelene foam to fit your desired items.

The box will also include four screws meant to assist you in fastening your box to wall studs.

The outside dimensions are 21"W x 13.75" L x 4.25" High

The inside dimensions are 19.25" W x 13" L x 3.5" High


Please, allow 2-3 business weeks from the day payment processes for your order to be shipped.

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