Custom Bath Tray

Custom Bath Tray

Get plenty of rest and relaxation with your new custom bath tray.  Whether you are reading a book or enjoying a glass of wine this tray is sure to fit your needs.



This tray is built custom to your bathub using two measurements mentioned in the diagram (in the item pictures).

The board is constructed of cedar wood and measures approx 28"x7" (depending on your measurement #1). This wood in particular is great against moisture and is also finished with a high quality top coat to promote longevity of the board.

There are high quality handles installed on both sides of the top for easy use, carry, and storage.

The cup holder is approx 3"in round  to allow glasses to be inset on top or for the stems of glasses to slide in and hang beneath.

There are two "stops" placed underneath the board to restrict the movement of your board while you are using it. They are placed using measurement #2

Measurement #3 listed in the diagram is the groove for the devices that you plan to use on your tray. This is optional for an additional charge at check out.


The Family Grain is not responsible for any items or devices being damaged.

All sales are final. If you have an issue with any item please feel free to contact us. We are here to help!


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