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Business Cards - We have options of all kinds including inexpensive quick ship cards or intricate designs including metallic foil, die cut, craft paper, pearl paper, etc. (Please see bottom of page for our Family Grain Special.)

T-Shirts/Apparel - Whether you are looking for new gear for you and your employees or you would like to sell branding merchandise, we are here to help. Our T-Shirts and apparel are powerful marketing tools that help add a very important professional touch to your business. Our items come in all styles and sizes. We offer single color designs and full color designs. Our items are available at low and high quantities.

Banners - We offer high quality vinyl banners of all sizes and types. 13 oz. (standard and most popular), 18 oz. (blackout), and 15 oz. banners for outdoor backlit boxes. Our banners include hemming and grommets. Pole pockets, wind slits, and webbing are available for an additional fee. We also offer expedited printing and shipping services if you need them in a hurry.





Stickers - High quality PVC- free vinyl stickers, weather proof, scratch resistant, UV resistant, indoor/outdoor use, permanent adhesive, split back for easy peeling, available in all shapes including die cut, available in all sizes, available at low and high quantities, no order minimums, and easy reorder.

Roll Labels/Stickers- These are great for multi-use including product labeling. We have multiple roll label/sticker options to fit your needs. These come in all sizes and shapes including die cut with a 3" core.

  1. Paper - (most popular and cost effective) 2.9 Mil paper roll labels are perfect for multi-use. These have a permanent adhesive and come in a matte or laminate finish.

  2. Poly - Use this material for indoor and outdoor labels or labels that will be used in harsh environments. Designed specifically for end-uses where very good adhesion, good chemical and temperature resistance is needed. This label is durable, abrasion resistant, higher heat resistance, and UV stability. Your product labeling will definitely stand out with this choice.

  3. BOPP - 2.3 Mil. BOPP labels are made from plastic film material, waterproof, UV resistant, It is used for labeling applications where resistance against water, oil and chemicals is important. Performs well in hot and cold conditions. Use this application for excellent wet-out properties, clarity, UV-stability, good adhesion properties and heat resistance.

Flyers/Brochures - Powerful marketing tools available at high quantities ideal for small and large communication. Used to convey your companies marketing messages.

  1. Flyers - is a single page leaflet often used to promote businesses, products, services and events. These are a powerful and cost effective marketing tool. Available in single or double sided designs with semigloss finish. Available in a variety of sizes.

  2. Brochures - A Brochure is a folded, printed sheet of paper with pictures and/or information about products, services or events. Once folded, Brochures are compact and can hold a lot of information. Brochures are available in matte, gloss, and UV (high gloss). They are available in a variety of sizes and folding patterns.

Magnets - Whether you're looking for magnetic business cards wholesale, to resell wholesale magnet signs, or create custom wholesale car magnets, our high quality yet affordable magnets will be great for you.

  1. Small - marketing items which keeps you fresh on the mind of your customers.There are also dry erase options available for refrigerator use. This adds a daily use to your Offered in 20mil and 30 mil these magnets are perfect for indoor  or outdoor use. These are available in different sizes and shapes including die cut.

  2. Large - These car magnets allow you to advertise “on-the-go” at any hour, or quickly update your signage at a temporary work site. These are available in a variety of sizes and finishes including reflective.

A-Frame Signs - We have Signacade A- Frame banner displays available in different options including:

  1. Standard - (most inexpensive) heavy duty with adhesive graphics available in white.

  2. Deluxe - heavy duty with changeable coroplast graphics available in white or black.

  3. Portable - light weight and ideal for portability with changeable coroplast graphics available in white.

Our marketing items are not limited to these items we offer 1000's of low cost items to help your business grow and save you money. If you are looking for something specific or interested in exploring options please let us know. We are here to help you!

Are you going to be participating in a trade show or booth?

We have tons of high quality items to help you get your business ready to make a lasting impression and reach your target customers.

  • Custom pop-up tent covers

  • Table runners

  • Custom standard and fitted table covers

  • Solid color/blank standard and fitted table covers in six colors

  • Advertising flags of all kinds

  • Tension fabric displays

  • Podium covers

  • Velcro fabric displays

  • Double sided poster stands

  • And much more.






We have got you covered! We are here to help get you set up with everything your business needs to be successful.

Are you a realtor or professional with clients?

We have all the tools you need to be successful. Here are some of the most popular examples of ways we can help you advertise.

  • Double sided chloroplast yard signs with H- stake

  • Double-sided A- Frame hanging signs and riders

  • Aluminum Sandwich Board Graphics with Post and Hardware

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