The Family Grain is a father and daughter owned and operated business located in Orange County, CA.

The Family Grain is a father and daughter owned and operated business located in Orange County, CA.

We are a proud American small business. We come from generations of hardworking and talented woodworkers. Our shop opened its doors in 2020. We are dedicated to bringing pieces of art to life and into your homes using a modern mix of handcrafted woodworking and machining. Every purchase helps provide for a family just like yours.


The following care instructions are included with every purchase of our boards.


Thank you for purchasing a high-quality handmade cutting board, charcuterie board, or serving tray from The Family Grain. There are a few things that your new board would like you to know:


Hello New Mom/Dad,

I am so excited to meet you! Now that I am here let’s make sure we are on the same page. Please be sure to wipe me clean with soap and water after each use and dry me immediately. Dry and store me on my edge. Please, don’t let me sit in water...

I work hard to maintain my figure. I beg you, DO NOT put me in the dishwasher. I will warp, split, get destroyed, etc. and our trust will forever be destroyed.

If you notice I have some stains or I am smelling a little funky feel free to rub me down with salt and a lemon wedge and/or white vinegar and that should do the trick.

I love massages so please don’t be shy. Please, rub me down with mineral oil or board butter using a paper towel and letting it soak in overnight (You can purchase a great board butter from The Family Grain on their website). I recommend doing this at least once a month or if you ever notice I am looking a little dry. This will prevent me from cracking, splitting, add a protective barrier, and leave me GLISTENING.

Please, do not use any other oils on me. Many other food-based oils will turn rancid and encourage bacteria growth…We don’t want that.


All jokes aside, we appreciate you supporting a small business like ours. We are here if you have any questions or concerns please reach out to us at


Thank you,

From a family just like yours

The Family Grain

Please, note that we still recommend using standard mineral oil in between uses of our treatment wax to ensure penetration of the oil deep into the wood. Think of our wax as your favorite deep conditioner for your hair or beard; leaving your board feeling nourished and protected like never before using all natural and food safe ingredients. We are always here if you have any questions or concerns.


Westminster, CA, United States

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